Cultural Affairs Commission

Cultural Affairs Commission                                                  Lead Player : Guy de Lasteyrie


Mission :

To promoter culture, training and education in both the northern and southern regions of the Basque country. We plan to imagine and set up ambitious projects to promote our territory. We bring ideas along with ways to implement them to local and national administrative, political and economic authorities who can assure their implementation.


Example 1 :

The whole of the Northern and Southern Basque Country support the 2016 « San Sebastian European City of Culture » event. We’re hoping to sponsor an exhibition of contemporary painting and sculpture attracting well-established artists.To be held at an international level, the exhibition should take place in a prestigious venue in the Northern Basque Country. The exhibition could become a regular, bi-annual event.


Example 2 :

A real need exists to create once again the San Sebastion Lycée Français. The aim would be to satisfy the demand for the re-opening of the school, to promote our respective languages across national borders, to learn to work better together, and to create the intellectual wealth that has become the image of the French Lycées of Madrid and Bilbao.