Basque Country Exchanges Membership

For several years now, the Basque Country Exchanges group has remained stable at around seventy members. With a goal of maintaining the quality of participants, our current membership of seventy-two only includes six women . We would like to see the ratio of female members improve.

We recruit by invitation. Candidates are recommended by a current member who feels that they are a good « fit » with our style and our objectives. The candidate is considered by the management board who makes the final decision. When accepted, candidates are immediately integrated into the group and provide a simple presentation of their career and their competences. Fees are fifty euros for individuals and three hundred euros for company memberships.

While it is important to have a strong attachment with the Basque Country, members do not have to be Basque, nor are they required to live in the Hégoalde. In fact, forty-five of our current members live outside the Basque region, with the majority of those living in the Paris area.

The average age of our members is 65 and, while not necessarily a priority and remembering that our most important criteria are competence and friendship, we would also like to see the number of younger candidates increase.

Among our ranks we count a variety of members : small business founders, directors of large, prestigious companies in both the services and industry sectors, senior civil servants, investment managers and other specialists from the world of business and finance. We also include specialised independent professionals such as doctors, lawyers, promoters, journalists, gallery owners, farmers, university professors, researchers and other players on the local economic scene.

In short, our members include highly respected professionals, many of whom still hold positions of importance in their respective fields and who constitute a formidable intellectual and relational potential.

Our members are under no obligation; each contributes as best they see fit. All discussions and debates are welcome, and no topics are taboo.

The general atmosphere of our group is convivial, relaxed and friendly, in our working sessions as well as our social functiions.

While we are a discrete organisation, we are by no means a secret society.